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Running With The Dead By Larry Hodges

Running With The Dead By Larry Hodges. Ben closed his eyes as he jogged on the bike path through the forest, enjoying the cool misty early-morning breeze on his dead flesh. He could feel his dried-up heart loosely bouncing up

Water Proof by Shannon Page and Chaz Brenchley

Water Proof By Shannon Page and Chaz Brenchley. But that wasn’t how it had gone down. Instead, Melanie had taken it upon herself to get the chains and the knife and the reinforced table, had secured the warehouse

Working Retail by B.J. Keeton

Working Retail by B.J. Keeton. A man stood in front of me. He was about six feet tall, had matted brown hair, teeth that screamed for braces, and one eye hanging halfway out of its socket. Most of his skin

Floaters by David Levine

Floaters by David Levine. It started on a sunny spring day. One of those days, rare in the Pacific Northwest, when there isn’t a cloud in the sky — a beautiful pale cerulean blue from horizon to horizon, with not

Odd Jobs by Matthew S. Rotundo

Odd Jobs by Matthew Rotundo. As he stood at the kitchen stove, stirring the spaghetti and keeping an eye on the simmering marinara sauce, Steve Jacobs finally admitted to himself that he was in over his head. He couldn’t hide