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The Sorcerer’s Daughter by Terry Brooks -Review

The Sorcerer’s Daughter Review The Sorcerer’s Daughter (The Defenders of Shannara, Book 3) Written by: Terry Brooks Published by: Orbit Date published: 24 May 2016 ISBN: 978-0-356-50223-6 BROOK NOT THE MEMORIES. I used to like Terry Brooks. I read the original
the devil you know, kj parker

The Devil You Know by K J Parker – Book Review

The Devil You Know (a companion novella of sorts to Downfall of the Gods) is a quick read. Parker’s writing is conversational and her story engaging. The Devil You Know by KJ Parker
doctor who 1980, doctor who logo

Death of the Vintage Doctor Who – 1960’s , 1970’s, 1980’s -Part 1

Was Adric really to blame for the show’s decline and cancellation? An examination of the possible causes leading to the cancellation of vintage Doctor Who. Adric. It’s a name that still sends many a diehard Doctor Who fan into paroxysms of
matthew waterhouse, doctor who classic, adric

Adric and the Death of Doctor Who, 1980-1982 – Part 2

Doctor Who Adric - Interactions between the cast, crew and characters determine if the introduction of Adric killed the Doctor Who series.
Downfall of the Gods review, K J Parker

Downfall of the Gods by K J Parker – Book Review

Parker’s writing has always been immersive, her characters and worlds emerging more through literary osmosis than anything so base as exposition. This is particularly evident in Downfall of the Gods, where the structuring is artful and the effect one of seemingly