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ways to start a story

Heroes Shouldn’t Look In The Mirror Unless They’re An Evil Queen

What we need to know in the first few paragraphs are the same things that your teachers insisted you have in science papers and book reports, the four W’s: Who-Where-When-Why. The entire book is the How but it doesn’t hurt to
spring movies

Dinosaurs, Zombies, and Trekkies, Oh My!

Dinosaurs, Zombies, and Trekkies, Oh My! Spring 2013 Book & Movie Releases. Spring has sprung, and we’ve survived the evil that is Daylight Savings Time—barely in my case. Since we’ve been tortured by all the horrors of winter this
nathan fillion

Why Nathan Fillion is Han Solo

Why Nathan Fillion is Han Solo. There isn’t anything, or anyone sexier than a Space Cowboy. My absolute favorites are Harrison Ford as Han Solo in Star Wars (1977) and Nathan Fillion as Captain Malcolm Reynolds in Firefly (2002).

Strange Love For Valentine’s Day

Strange Love For Valentine’s Day. It’s all about luuuuve. But St Valentine’s Day shouldn’t only be about the kind of love where you celebrate by dancing the horizontal Mamba. It’s about LOVE, real love—even when the love is fictional, and

Crazy Winter Blues Busters

Crazy Winter Blues Busters. Best The Winter Blues. The winter doldrums have struck with a vengeance, and the future is as dark as the January sky. Not having much in the way of green dollars, and being a work-at-home writer, I’ve