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Sustenance by Bradley Robert Parks

Sustenance by Bradley Robert Parks. This urban fantasy story introduces the reader to Harlan Powers, a supernatural investigator who advertises his services on Craigslist. Cleaning out spirits from attics and garages isn’t all that exciting..most of the time. For Harlan,

Smart TV by Bradley Katzen

A Science Fiction Short Story. Set in a futuristic society obsessed with only the latest technological products, ‘Smart TV‘ is a cautionary tale about Trevor, an ambitious programmer working for a corporation that specializes in cutting edge consumer equipment. On the
ken liu, speculative fiction

The Perfect Match by Ken Liu – A Dystopian Near-Future Tale

Synopsis: “The Perfect Match” is a near-future dystopian tale about ubiquitous corporate surveillance and the efforts of a few individuals to thwart the panopticon. "Sai woke to the rousing first movement of Vivaldi’s violin concerto in C minor,

Cineplex by M. M. DeVoe

Cineplex by M. M. DeVoe. It’s depressing, being a demigod. It’s not just the places that waver in and out of existence; you can’t rely on the people either, and because I’m only half, these abilities come and go—but when

Last Days Of The Gunslinger, John Amos

Last Days Of The Gunslinger John Amos by Eric J. Guignard. In younger days, John Amos matched shot against other men for a bounty or a bottle, and he tried not to think of such times he was called