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An Ode To Cthulhu – Cthulhu Rise! by Theresa Bane

An Ode To Cthulhu. Hibernating in the South Pacific In an underwater city called R’lyeh Surrounded by Deep Ones and Mi-Go One day, Cthulhu will rise!

What Are Fairies? A Basic Overview of Fairies

What Are Fairies? A Basic Overview of Fairies. To begin, “fairies” is the plural form of the species; the singular of the noun is “fay.” There are a great number of folks who use the word “fey” as a noun,
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Why Gamers Make Great Friends

Why Gamers Make Great Friends by Theresa Bane. I am a gamer and have been rolling dice consistently since 1980. Active in the gaming community, married to a game designer, and using a very clever pen name, I also write
dresden files

5 Reasons To Read The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher

5 Reasons to Read “The Dresden Files”. Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden, being a private detective and needing to work for a living, actually does detective work. Magic is not the answer to his problems but rather a tool he

Dog People vs. Cat People

Dog People vs. Cat People. No Contest, the Pets Win. There are cat people and there are dog people and seldom do the two mix. True, there are those families who have both and everything is hunky-dory, but