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Villains in The Dresden Files ?

Harry Dresden, Jim Butcher, The Dresden Files If you are reading this, you probably know who Harry Dresden is. If not, he is Chicago's only Private Investigator slash wizard.
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Welcome To The Jungle by Jim Butcher

Welcome To The Jungle by Jim Butcher. Book Review. For those of you who have been living under a rock for the last couple of years, Harry Dresden is the only professional Wizard listed in the Chicago phone book.

A Brief Intro to Hurog and Characters in the Hurog Duology – Dragon Bones and Dragon Blood

The Hurog Duology by Patricia Briggs - What is it about? Who are the characters? A simple guide to the story and cast of characters. Dragon Bones and Dragon Bllood.
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Archetypes of “The Dresden Files”

From time to time you may hear folks refer to The Dresden Files as being "pop corn." It's simply not true. "Popcorn," when used as an adjective is a word that is applied to define a type of book that

Harry Dresden In Hot Water: Physics In The Dresden Files Universe

Having read sci-fi and fantasy all of my life, I am always fascinated when the author goes to such trouble as to try make the work believable rather than just depend upon the suspension of disbelief by the reader. Jim Butcher