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The White Council: aka – the Devil you know

The White Council of The Dresden Files aka – the Devil you know. In The Dresden-verse, the White Council, a.k.a. “the Devil you know” is the ruling body of wizards who oversee and dictate “the law” to practicing wizards. Their main

Harry Dresden Meets Robert Langdon

Is any sufficiently ancient wisdom indistinguishable from magic. My apologies to Arthur C Clark for the paraphrase, but hopefully I have your curiosity piqued. As the old saying goes - opposites attract, - So perhaps this is the case with two current
moon called, mercy thompson book 1, patricia briggs

Mercedes Thomson: Not Your Typical Supernatural Heroine

Mercedes Thompson: Not Your Typical Supernatural Heroine, Patricia Briggs.

Naomi Novik’s World of Dragons

Naomi Novik's World of Dragons by Theresa Bane A few years back I was sitting next to Jim Butcher at Dragon Con. He was autographing books for fans and having a good old time chatting it up with each and every one

Where do you fit in Harry Dresden’s world?

As we all read (or listen) to books, or watch movies, we identify ourselves with characters we find in these mental diversions. Most often the stories are from a main character's point of view and we are supposed to identify with