Where do you fit in Harry Dresden’s world?

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Where Do You Fit In Harry Dresden’s World?

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As we all read (or listen) to books, or watch movies, we identify ourselves with characters we find in these mental diversions. Most often the stories are from a main character’s point of view and we are supposed to identify with them primarily. But well written and continuing works develop a greater number of in depth characters that broaden the possibilities. For The Dresden Files, having 11 books in print, there are a great many well developed and even more undeveloped, characters to echo our personal perspectives and thus identify ourselves with. In identifying ourselves with these fictional characters, we get to see a different perspective on how we deal with things. The real world does not let us blithely spray a hail of gunfire to solve our issues, nor mass mayhem and destruction to rid ourselves of pesky nuisances. Harry would have a hard time in our world, explaining, dealing with, and paying for the collateral damages that his general lifestyle tends to leave in his wake, but we still cheer him on, in his quest to best his foes. We all have urges that we can’t indulge in, due to social constraints and the legal system, so our beloved characters, help us unknowingly by venting our own steam along with theirs and we get to feel the rush of victory without paying the price.

In this article I would like to ask the readers to tell me who they most identify with, and perhaps why, within The Dresden Files. Are you a cop like Murphy, or Carmichael, or Stallings? Are you a wizard like Harry, Elaine, or Ebenezer? Are you a knight like Michael, Sanya, or Shiro? Perhaps you are more like Billy the werewolf, or Mac the bartender, or maybe Butters the medical examiner. This question sounds innocent but it actually does reveal a bit of our deeper nature, and can enlighten us about things that we might not consciously pay heed to within ourselves.

As I considered and wrote this, I asked several other Dresden Files fans I know who they most identified with. By now there is a veritable rainbow in shades of grey, of heroes, villains, sidekicks, and lesser known characters in the shadows. The answers I received ranged from Georgia the werewolf (pack mother), to Susan before the vampires (devoted investigator, and much more), from Murphy (gun toting, martial arts authority figure), to Charity Carpenter (the ultimate mom and wife). One very close friend surprised me by choosing Lara Wraith, because as she told me, “sometimes I’m just not a very nice person” and besides she likes the lifestyle that the Lara enjoys.(if it sounds like most of my friends are women, then your right) All of these characters are strong and a bit more extreme than their real life counter parts, but that is what we want from them, for them to be more than we are able to be. For myself, I obviously identify with Harry, as the main character and the classic hero, but I think I would actually be more of a supporting character, like Butters, who helps the best that he can in his own way, without diving into the line of fire, although when push comes to shove he stands his ground with the best of them. Butters is smart and inquisitive, but open minded and clever. I would like to think that I am like that.

So give it a bit of thought and tell me, Who are You?
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