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The Dresden Files RPG: An Interview With Fred Hicks

An interview with Fred Hicks, co-creator of The Dresden Files RPG. Fred is a super nice guy, snarky and with the patience of Job. He never got tired of my talking over him, but eventually we found a rhythm that

I’m Just Wild About Harry!

Harry Dresden is more than a wizard detective. Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden is a lady's man and I want him to be mine. Here is why:
mercy thompson, werewolves, patricia briggs

The Role of Weres In The Mercy Thompson Series by Patricia Briggs

The hoopla over the Mercy Thompson trilogy has got me thinking. No, I'm not planning to harm myself so that I can be turned into a werewolf and become an Alpha male (although judging by the cover art of the books,
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Fairies & The Dresden Files Universe

Fairies & The Dresden Files Universe - A look into the Summer and Winter Courts created by Jim Butcher.
Jim Butcher Interview

Jim Butcher Books, Factoids, and an Exclusive Video Interview

A list of Jim Butcher books, some fun factoids, plus a Video Interview about The Dresden Files.